Reason For No Regretting

I have no guilt or regret over my sin for three reasons: first, while I do have godly sorrow, “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.” Secondly, God is taking all that sin, shame, and sorrow from my story and redeeming it, giving it actual value for the Kingdom (where sin abounds grace that much MORE abounds). He is actually turning my sin itself into a spiritual gift whereby I have something worth sharing, something with which to love others and after all, that’s why and how I was designed in the first place, as a lover. And thirdly, that He does all that proves He has victory over the presence, penalty, and power of sin. This is all to His glory as He is essentially telling the enemy “I see your evil and I raise it a redemption! It doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t catch me off guard. Watch me use it for my glory and their good.” We have a good Father who doesn’t give bad gifts to His children.

Published by

Jim Pocta

Psychotherapist/Biblical Counselor in Dallas. I’m a follower of Jesus, husband to Linda, father to three wonderful sons, father-in-law to three incredible daughters-in-law, grandfather to three amazing grandsons and granddaughter, and an elder at New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church.

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