Folding Facecloths

On Easter morning I awoke very early and went to the passage in John 20 where Peter went into the tomb to find it empty. I noticed again that Peter saw the head covering folded neatly to the side and wondered again why would Jesus take the time, after coming back to life, to carefully fold His shroud. There was much to do outside the tomb, people running around in a frenzy, worried and scared. Then it dawned on me. It was time to tell the chaos of death and destruction that Order was taking over. Jesus was beginning the slow and determined process of reconciling all things to Himself. There was no rush. He was so secure in His plan. This was Jesus saying to Death, “I got this.” And in the midst of our uncertainty and dismal outlooks right now, know this: He is slowly, carefully and methodically folding the history of evil and death into His purposes for our benefit. He’s got you! When He said to Moses, “the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” He meant it!

Published by

Jim Pocta

Psychotherapist/Biblical Counselor in Dallas. I’m a follower of Jesus, husband to Linda, father to three wonderful sons, father-in-law to three incredible daughters-in-law, grandfather to three amazing grandsons and granddaughter, and an elder at New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church.

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