Morning, Moments, in the Meantime

The number one question I receive from clients when they come in for therapy is “What do I do?” While I understand what they’re looking for and what they want, I also know that “doing” is what got them to where they are in the first place. And “doing” is not going to get them out of it. Doing is usually a form of self-justification, a self-works program to fix themselves.

Work, “what we do,” albeit important, is not of primary importance. Our work needs to be what flows out of something much more important: His work. You see, if our work is not informed by our worship then all we do is futile and worthless.

God is Creator, we are creation. We are designed to reflect Him. This means that we are ultimately dependent upon Him and His work. Romans 1:21 states that everything began to fall apart when “they knew God [and] they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.”

So we need to start there, honoring and thanking God; honoring Him for Who He is and thanking Him for what He has done. This is worship. Begin the day sitting in devotion to Him, where “His mercies are new every morning.” And then in those moments when doubt and despair creep in, “consider it joy,” as your faith (that He is worthy) is being tested, stretched, and strengthened. Embrace those moments. And then, in the meantime, during the menial tasks that occur throughout the day, “whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Thats reflecting your God. In honor and thanks. The “doing” will then reflect that.

The Gospel, Jesus’ finished work on the cross frees us to sit in devotion to Him.

Worship. Walk. Work. In that order.

Published by

Jim Pocta

Psychotherapist/Biblical Counselor in Dallas. I’m a follower of Jesus, husband to Linda, father to three wonderful sons, father-in-law to three incredible daughters-in-law, grandfather to three amazing grandsons and granddaughter, and an elder at New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church.

3 thoughts on “Morning, Moments, in the Meantime”

  1. So you tell them in response to their question …”rest”…and then start from there. We want to know what to do to get out of the mess we are in. Quick fix. We are not accustomed to thinking in terms of “doing nothing” but just trusting yet that is the perfect place to start .


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